IT Quick Start

Connect to Sandia’s internal IT Connect hub to set up your Sandia computer and access IT resources.

Before you start

You’ll need:

  • your YubiKey
  • your default YubiKey PIN
  • a personal device (computer preferred)
Help finding my YubiKey device and PIN

By your start date, you should have received these items in two separate FedEx envelopes.

1) YubiKey 5 with USB Adapter

Your YubiKey device enables two-factor authentication. You insert it in your computer to generate a unique password each time you touch or tap a button on the device.

An image showing YubiKey 5ci and USB Type-B male adapter
A) YubiKey 5 device; B) USB adapter.

2) Default YubiKey PIN

Your default YubiKey PIN can be found in the same FedEx envelope containing your username and Kerberos password.

A) Default YubiKey PIN.
A) Default YubiKey PIN.

Where to get help

If you have not received your YubiKey device or default PIN, contact your hiring manager or Office Administrative/Management Assistant (OAA or OMA). You will not be able to connect to Sandia’s network without these required items.